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Csak Isten ítélhet Meg Engem.

the journal of a twentysomething fool

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This is the diary of Laura Palmer.
26 July 1982
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mor·dant (môrdnt)

1. Bitingly sarcastic: mordant satire.
2. Incisive and trenchant: an inquisitor's mordant questioning.
3. Bitingly painful.
4. Serving to fix colors in dyeing.

1. A reagent, such as tannic acid, that fixes dyes to cells, tissues, or textiles or other materials.
2. A corrosive substance, such as an acid, used in etching.

tr.v. mor·dant·ed, mor·dant·ing, mor·dants
To treat with a mordant.

I'm 22 23 old. I like heavy music and dark beers. I work for a radio station in a warehouse as a band manager and promoter produer/sound engineer and audio/PA consultant audio/visual/staging tech freelance producer and recording engineer. Web comics and white trash girls/boys generally rock. When I grow up I want to be a fire engine.

My userpics recently gave a fat chick a seizure. YA RLY.

I barrack for the Dockers and the Northern Bullants. And I HATE Kylie Minogue.

I do lots of publicity and promo stuff including up and coming industrial music night Zero Crossing and some other Church of Hertz stuff.

KMFDM is a drug against war love.


Tanz Mit

Start A War

Music from the Motion Picture


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User Number: 373914
Date Created:2001-10-20
Number of Posts: 3,656

Resulting from the collision of an asteroid made entirely of boric acid and Astroboy reruns and a radioactive petting zoo, Mordant can leap tall buildings with a single bound.. he just doesn't want to.
Strengths: powder coated titanium stomach, gravity defying beer gut, can whittle holes into the Earth's crust with his personality alone, skin periodically exudes the most powerful libido-inhibiting substance known to man.
Weaknesses: Cheesecake and Vin Diesel.
Special Skills: caustic sense of humour, genre hopping, pretending to be a sound engineer.
Weapons: Your Mom.

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oh and here is my geek code lol

Version: 3.1
GCC/MD/MU/S d---(---)@ s(++):- a- C++ ULSC++(on) P-- L+ E-- W+++ N o K--? w O- M V- PS+ PE- Y-- PGP+ t+ 5- X+++ R- tv+ b+++ DI++ D G++ e+ h r-- y++**

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