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CJ says: you know
CJ says:
CJ says: i think i am onto something
CJ says: with my theory on early aussie tv drama opening titles
CJ says: ffs
Luke! says: the flying doctors theme is so... epic
CJ says: actually, watching this again, i think that the oxygen mask is a little loose
CJ says: and they are stoned as fuck on pure oxygen
CJ says: thats the reason we never see the plane land
CJ says: they eventually careen into a mountain
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This is probably the most diabolically bad and generally fucked up 419 scam letter I've recieved in some time. Apart from the fact it makes no sense (a box made of metal, but transperant?) (Who the hell donates gold bars to the UN?) (Why wouldn't such a caring soul just give it to the nearest charity?)

I am Williams, i work with the united nations rescue team, I am presently in Haiti. Its indeed a sad tragedy that hit them here, natural disaster can happen any where, i employ you to pray for the safety of the people living there and the lives of the people affected.  During the seacrh of victims and rescue, 15th January 2010, we came accross some vital document in the presidential lodge of Haiti, including a sliver metalic box, which had a huge sum in Dollars, the box was transperent so i could see that what we have inside the box is money, as well as Gold bars in large quantity, along side with precious stones, I have safe guarded the valuable to a safe camp.  The documents i saw around the premises shows that this valuable was donated by united nation, sadly it was not used for the purpose it was meant, as the president must have stole it for his selfish interest. I alone know the content of the box, and valuable, nobody is aware i am sending this email, please keep this confindential. it can rein me.  Please advice me in a return email on what we can do.   Yours Philip Williams.  
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Well, my followup appraisal at the gym went better than expected.

In two months
- 2kg lost
- 2% bodyfat lost
- 3cm less on the waist
- 3cm more on the chest
- 3cm more on the arms
- fat lost at every skin fold site (back, hips, legs, arms)

It's a small step forward, but it's a step forward. Lot of changes to be made to gym program, but I'm happier than I was two months ago.